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Sherry Vine Is Living For This!


Read Jeza’s interview with the HILARIOUS SHERRY VINE in So So Gay Magazine here!

Interview: Carmen Electra returns to music and likes it loud


Jeza Belle caught up with glamorous entertainer Carmen Electra. Known for her gorgeous looks that have graced television screens, movie theaters and magazine covers around the world, Carmen Electra shares her new music, what inspires her and the importance of facing ones fears. Read the So So Gay interview here.

Interview: Funny, fabulous and ‘Happily Divorced’ – actress Fran Drescher

fran drescher

Fran Drescher talks marriage equality, detoxing our homes from cancer risks and why she’s ‘Happily Divorced’. Read Jeza’s interview with the Emmy Award winning actress for ‘So So Gay Magazine’.

Transphobia is an International Disease


Every time the world starts to accept one group, they move on to bashing another. Read Jeza’s op-ed tackling transphobia in So So Gay’s “Transphobia is an international disease”.

Update on marriage equality in the United States: A view from both sides


Two months after the U.S. Presidential election, the gay marriage movement continues to pick up steam while awaiting upcoming Supreme Court decisions. Read Jeza’s update for readers around the world in So So Gay.

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